Cold Room / Deep Freezer

These cold rooms and deep freezers have multi-dimensional use in wide-ranging industries.

They are popularly used in hotels, blood banks, hospitals, poultry, aquaculture and processing, mushroom cultivation, pharmaceutical processing, and logistics, agricultural product processing, dairy production, beer production and cooling, beverage production and processing, large-scale logistics storage, steel cooling, communication equipment, chemical product cooling, leather manufacturing, injection molding, machine cooling, ship manufacturing and, so on.

Cold room & machinery sales repair and service in Mumbai  in which we check and repair everything which require deep attention in order t work well.

Aziz Enterprise has been providing the Freezer manufacturing services in Mumbai for various industries since 1991 and have been acing in that continuously. We ensure about the quality and working of these systems and even give warranty on that that make us more reliable.

What We Offer in Deep Freezers & Cold Rooms:

For cold rooms and deep freezers, we offer wide-ranging services and advanced technology:

Superior Quality:

With our innovative technology and industry-leading equipment we offer you complete quality control, production management, and after-sale service system.

Professional Expertise:

Our skilled professionals take care from installation, maintenance, to repair and management services with expertise so that our clients need not worry about anything.

Excellent Cooling Efficiency:

Our cold room and deep refrigeration experience will assist you to design an economic refrigeration system for your products.

Customized Solutions:

All our customers get personalized comprehensive services in cold rooms and deep freezers with a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Get a Variety of Choices in Deep Freezer & Cold Room Doors:

Why choose us:

Aziz Enterprises is your one-stop cold room expert with more than a decade of refrigeration experience. From the design to installation, maintenance, and repair service, we offer industry-best cold room solutions for your fresh life.

Our team of Aziz Enterprises offers you a wide variety of services for all your refrigeration needs. Whether you need free consultation on your plans, design choices, the materials and equipment, installation, and hire for maintenance and repair services, we have the right skills, expertise, technology, and all the tools to make it happen.


The team of Aziz Enterprise is your go-to service provider who is just one call away. You can call us any time of your convenience and we will be present to serve you.