Electrical Repairs & Service in Mumbai

Aziz Enterprises delivers comprehensive electrical services for residential and commercial properties throughout the city.

In any property which gets used on daily basis, having electrical issues are more than common as the switches or any other electrical thing get used daily as well. We are the best company to give Electrical repairs & service in Mumbai for all sorts of devices, wires, and any other thing related to electricity.

We only offer the most qualified licensed electricians from the Aziz family. All our technicians are highly certified and must pass a comprehensive background check. Each of our electricians receives ongoing training programs throughout their careers. You have no need to worry about the quality and the professionalism of our services.

Here are a few more efficient ways Aziz Enterprise goes above and beyond to deliver credible and industry-leading electrical services:

Electrical Safety:

Ensuring the complete protection and safety of people is the most important part of our daily job. We frequently install whole premise surge protectors, childproof outlets, and GFCI outlets for all customers.

Schedule Inspection:

Schedule an electrical inspection anytime with us to ensure that your electrical system is up to the code. Our experienced technicians can upgrade your electrical panel faster and safer. If your panel just requires a little more power, we can quickly replace faulty circuit breakers or install additional ones too.

What We Offer:

Residential Electricals

Aziz Enterprises offers elegance looking electrical services for home, while keeping safety as top most priority.

Commerical Electricals

From the right equipment to lighting, aziz enterprises design commercial space to be splendid for customer eyes

Control Panels/Custom Electricals

Get completely customize electrical control panels for machinery and custom mode of operations.

Our Services:

Connect with our expert technicians to understand how we can help you finish your project affordably and quite effectively.