Mild Steel Pipe

MS pipes are used mainly in industries and in engineering applications where corrosive fluids are in use.

They are used for the supply of drinking water such as Plumbing, Firefighting, and HVAC.

Mild steel does not get rust because it is coated with varnish, paints, and other metals. So. It is long-lasting and works under highly critical conditions. These pipes can withstand up to a certain temperature.

They also do the Pipe insulation services in Mumbai that make the place safe and secured from any mishappenings. These pipes also help the most in regulating the freezer or chilling services. All the work is done as per the convenience of the clients so you can totally rely on us.


Features of Mild Steel Pipes:

Below mentioned are some of the most common features of Mild Steel pipes:

Applications of Mild Steel Pipes:

There are wide-ranging applications of MS pipes, including:


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