Glass Display Counter(ONLY COUNTER)(CURVED)

Sometimes, it’s better to show people what they want to see. That’s why our Glass Display Counter is perfect for restaurants, cafes, catering companies, and any other food-based business that wants to showcase their product creatively. With its sleek curves and clean lines, it really stands out. And with our signature hanging hooks for merchandise, you’re sure to have plenty of room to show off your food.

Products Stainless Steel Counter
Glass Thickness. 10mm.
Glass type Tuffen glass.
Placement Vertically Stands
Make Assembled Type.
Material Stainless Steel & Tuffen Glasses
No.of Door 02 Doors
Clasification Base Model.
Temprature Not Available
Operation Display Only
Indicator Only light switches.
Thermostate Not Available.
Timer set Not Available.
Power Supply 220v-240v.
Machine unit Assembled Type.
Heater Used International Standards
Heater type Electric Heaters
Power Consumption Not Available
Application Hotels,, Fast food corners, Food Industries
Model Length Depth Height Price
MODEL 01 36 inch 24 inch 48 inch
MODEL 02 48 inch 24 inch 48 inch
MODEL 03 60 inch 24 inch 48 inch
MODEL 04 72 inch 24 inch 48 inch
MODEL 05 (MULTI) 42 inch(02nos) 42 inch(02nos) 42 inch(02nos)
Additional Benefits
  • 0 Year Product Warrenty
  • 0 Year Free Service
  • 0 Number of Service Yearly
Model Length*Depth*Height Price
MODEL 01 36*24*48 inch
MODEL 02 48*24*48 inch
MODEL 03 60*24*48 inch
MODEL 04 72*24*48 inch
MODEL 05 (MULT) 42*42*42 inch(02nos)
Additional Benefits
  • 01 Year Product Warrenty
  • 01 Year Free Service
  • 02 Number of Service Yearly