Painting any residential and commercial space requires mastery in a certain skill-set.

The Painting & waterproofing service in Mumbai is delivered by the team of experienced contractors who have been delivering happiness for years through their brilliant work. They get the materials from the reputed vendors of the industry who check the materials before sending further to the domain.

Choosing the right colors, products, expertise; painters while ensuring the safety of everyone can be a huge and tiring task. That is where we come in with our aim to make the painting job a safe and great experience. With our safe painting services, re-imagine your property as a huge canvas with unlimited opportunities.

Get Consultation Now:

Now you can easily get an Online Consultation with Aziz Enterprise and get a free quotation for the services you need and let us guide you through all the questions you may have.

We help you with everything including painting walls, wallpapering, creating wall textures, wood finishes, and waterproofing.

Why You Choose Us:

Aziz Enterprise is your trusted partner in offering you fast, easy, & valuable expertise.

Trained Expert Professionals:

Aziz Enterprise has a panel of professional contractors and painters who are highly trained and have gathered years of field experience. They even excel in textured wall finishes as well as special paint finishes and they are methodically trained to ensure that the correct application procedures are followed.

Supervised Painting Solutions:

We offer you all-inclusive safe and hygienic painting services for all residential and commercial services. Our experts provide easy consultation about our products and colors and execute painting services. We also offer post-painting clean-up and leave the spaces clean and beautiful.

Stringent Safety Protocols:

All our trained professionals take all safety and precautionary measures during the entire painting process due to COVID-19. The team wears masks, goggles, PPE kit, gloves and maintains social distancing while inside the premises.

Bespoke Color Consultation:

Get expert guidance from us with industry best expertise for product and shade selection. You can also visualize what space will look like with your selected colors through our specialized consulting services.

Advanced Tools:

Our painting experts excel in the use of mechanized advanced technologies and tools. They first conduct site evaluation using moisture meter and take precise measurements using a laser distance meter. The sanding process is done using electric sanders with a vacuum. Our experts also use Ultra Hand-held sprayers that can ensure a uniform paint finish.

Site Sanitization:

Safety and absolute protection of you, your family, and your employees are a key priority for us. We carry out site disinfection once the painting procedure is over.


Please call or write to us to get more information on our efficient painting jobs and how we can help with your project.