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Why Is Ventilation Necessary?

The air within indoor areas is as clean as most presumed. As more people would want an indoor space that’s efficiently sealed to avoid leaking of the air and preserve the energy used. Whereas a full sealed room means that pollutants generated from inside and humidity have nowhere to escape. That is why proper ventilation is an imperative component for any space.

Two Ventilation Methods:

There are two different ventilation methods used, natural and mechanical ventilation.

Natural Ventilation:

Natural ventilation system uses natural air circulation through solar chimneys, windows, small gaps or cracks, trickle vents around the property, and so on.

Mechanical Ventilation:

This type of ventilation uses systems and devices to replace the air through ducts, fans, intake or exhaust vents, air filters, and so on. Houses, hotels, commercial properties, shopping malls, hospitals opt for grilles with slots set at an angle, to serve primary airflow.


A diffuser is designed with dampers that face all-round a room, rather than a single air direction. Many diffusers are installed on the ceilings, often covering an air release outlet. As ventilation requires a certain degree of control over the air intake or exhaust rate and direction in enclosed spaces a vent cover performs that function to balance out the air. This aesthetic seal offers the ventilation process to look more effortless.

Most diffusers are made in square or circular shapes with vents, facing different directions. There are some unique diffuser designs such as eyeball diffusers with sphere openings that can be rolled to point the sphere air opening in all directions. It can distribute air evenly around a room or in specific paths at once.


The primary function of a grille is to allow air to pass in and out through it seamlessly. Grilles are the only option that is suitable for both air intake and air exhaust outlets from indoor spaces. As grilles do not involve any moving components or dampers, it is the easiest one to maintain.

The grille is compromised in functionality. All grilles have static covers, for which a grille will not be suitable if the cover needs to be adjusted for airflow direction. Grilles also have more freedom in placements at any spot. Some usual installation spots include floor or wall dividers between rooms or floors to allow air from both spaces to circulate from one area to another.

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