Vertical Deep Freezer (Refrigerator) 4 door

Space-saving and eye-catching, our 4-door deep freezer is here to stay. The modern design of this vertical 4-door deep freezer has a depth of only 30 inches and easily fits in the kitchen or garage. This compact refrigerator will keep your food fresh and delicious while saving you money on electricity bills!

Products Stainless Steel Freezer.,
Placement Vertically Stands
Make Assembled Type.
Material Stainless Steel
No.of Door 04 Doors
Clasification Refrigerator.
Temprature 18c to 0c.(plus)
Operation Automatic Cooling Control.
Indicator Digital type.
Thermostate Available.
Timer set Available.
Power Supply 220v-240v.
Machine unit Assembled Type.
Condenser Air Cooled, Copper tubes.
Compressor Hermetic.
Power Consumption Not Available
Application Hotels,Dairy, Food Industries
Model Length Depth Height Price
MODEL 01 48 inch 30 inch 80 inch
Additional Benefits
  • 01 Year Product Warrenty
Model Length*Depth*Height Price
Model 1 48*30*80 inch
Additional Benefits
  • 01 Year Product Warrenty